Targeted Lead Generation: Part 2


The fast path to targeted lead generation begins with creating a perfect prospect profile. In Part 1, Identifying Ideal Customers, I described the need and benefits of creating a perfect prospect profile. This is the best way to generate an endless supply of new business leads.

Can you describe your company's ideal customer or best buyer? You shouldn't have to think about it. These are the people and companies you do business with today or would buy today if you had the right product or service for them.

If you can do this without hesitation, then you're ahead of most businesses you compete with and ready for targeted lead generation.

When you know exactly who you want to target as a customer, it's much easier to locate more people and companies like them. This is targeted lead generation at work.

Be precise and make sure your business partners, employees, and the people you meet at networking events know who you are looking for. This can only lead to more targeted sales leads.

Questions You Need to Ask For Identifying Targeted Sales Leads

Imagine the competitive advantage you'd gain if you knew more about your customer's customers than they did. How about if you really could describe what keeps them awake at night, worrying about their business. Well, you can if you ask the right questions.

It's possible that you'll be surprised to discover that your perfect prospects are not who you think they are. That's why it's important to take the time to profile the people and companies that are likely to do business with you. It's worth it!

In my program, FastPath to More Customers, participants learn 16 key questions to ask your best customers. These help companies to zero in on the exact characteristic of the new business leads they need to be looking for and create a perfect prospect profile.

To help get to the root of who you should target, you'll need to ask emotional and behavioral questions to find out what motivates your audience to take action – or not take action. These types of questions are a powerful way to identify the traits of your best buyers.

If you are a start-up, ask people who you think are the prospects you want to go after.

Here's a sampling of what to ask:

  1. What is the biggest problem you were / are trying to solve?
  2. What was / is it worth to you to solve the problem?
  3. What particular questions and concerns did / do you have about products like ours?
  4. What other options did / do you have?
  5. What did / do you believe to be true about products like ours?
  6. What did / do you need to believe about products like ours in order to buy?
  7. What metrics did / do you use to measure success?
  8. How would you describe our product or service to a peer?

This is how you get targeted sales leads and turn them into buyers. By the way, some of the questions may look the same - they're not. These questions are designed to make sure you get the information you really need.

You'll also need to ask quantitative question to pinpoint the “facts" for targeted lead generation. For this it may be sufficient to just look at your internal records – such as what they purchased, how often they purchase, when the last order was placed, their average order size, and the blended profit margin.

The ability to practically apply information about your audience is powerful. You'll be able to factor this knowledge into your messaging, marketing strategies, conversations, content, and sales tactics.

Put It All Together

The analysis will tell you what characteristics your best customers have in common. Take these and add any emotionally charged language you uncovered and you'll have a precise statement of who to focus on.

Now imagine you've just hired a new employee and you want to describe your company's ideal prospect. Here's how it should go:

Our ideal prospect is the ___________ of a ____ sized company that ____________. His/her three biggest frustrations are ____________, ____________ and ____________. He/she is afraid of ____________, which keeps them awake at night. If they could make his/her world perfect, the three specific outcomes he/she would like are ____________, ____________, and ____________.

His/her biggest concern about engaging a company like ours to solve this problem is ____________. So, if he/she is going to do business with us, they need to believe ____________ and ____________. To help him/her achieve the specific outcomes he's looking for, we offer him ____________, ____________, and ____________.

When you do this without hesitation, targeted lead generation will be a snap!

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