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FastPath Marketing offers small business marketing help with programs and services for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to improve their sales. Clients have three things in common:

  • They are committed to taking their company to the next level.
  • They are all experts in their fields.
  • The expertise they do not have is how to attract customers more consistently to grow revenue.

FastPath Marketing clients are technology sector companies,  professional service firms, manufacturers, financial services companies, and organizations that focus small businesses. These include eCommerce businesses, banks, software developers, law firms, telecommunications service providers, commercial real estate firms, online multimedia publishers, and renewable resource companies.

If this sounds like you, welcome!

Do Any Of The Following Fit Your Situation?

FastPath clients struggle with many issues, such as how to improve sales, strategic brand marketing, their differentiation strategy, strategic alliance marketing, and how to sell online.

Do one or more of these challenges hit home for you?

Sources of new customers are drying up and current customers are not buying as much as they did in the past. You need more qualified prospects but don't like to make cold calls and find networking situations uncomfortable. You think, “there must be a better way to effectively draw your target audience to you."

You have a great competitive advantage but can's seem to create a compelling message that clearly shows your differentiation and value. How do you decide on the proper differentiation strategy, positioning, and marketing tactics?

You've tried many things to market your company without much success. You need a concrete marketing and sales action plan to ramp up revenue, but you're having hard time putting the sales and marketing puzzle together and not sure where to start.

You want to increase the effectiveness of your distribution and strategic partners. Or help your sales people to grow their revenue contribution. What sales training, guidance, and strategic alliance marketing tools do they need and how do you make it happen?

Your content doesn't stand out in a crowded market - sales literature, white papers, sales presentations, news releases, and website. You know you need marketing help to get the results you want – but you're worried that it will take forever and cost a fortune.

You have an upcoming new product launch and have one shot to make it count. How do you plan and execute to get the maximum impact for your available budget?

Client Profile

Who is most likely to succeed using the FastPath Marketing approach? My clients share many of the characteristics and attributes that all top performers have. But mostly, they are prepared to go beyond their comfort zone, be held accountable, eager to learn and master fresh techniques to attract new clients, understand the power of investing in themselves and their business, and are very open to small business marketing help.

If you are passionate about your company and products, need marketing help tailored to your unique circumstances, and ready to take action - then you've come to the right place.

Small business marketing help that's your FastPath to more customers doesn't have to be complex or expensive. Learn here about how to attract customers consistently and the FastPath to more revenue.

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