What Others Say About Ron Stein

“Ron, Thanks for being part of our program last evening. The presentation was just the right length and it hit on some key points that BB&T subscribes to as it relates to building a relationship with your client. We all enjoyed it.”

Paul P. Ziegler
Vice President, BB&T Bank

"You are a genius!"

Camille J. Iurillo, Esq.
Iurillo Law Group, P.A.

"Ron, you have opened so many doors in our minds to new possibilities and how to grow our business. I have a feeling we will be saying this a lot to you, but please know how much we appreciate "you" and the time you are spending with us."

Lisa Schaefermeyer
President & CEO, AQI Video Language Services

"I needed help with my overall marketing and turned to Ron for guidance. He listened to me, analyzed the current situation, and quickly zeroed in on an online strategy - since most people looking for my services are located outside of my geographic area. Ron Stein changed the way I think about my website, tying it into my offline marketing. Also, the tactics he taught me to optimize my pages for search engines has increased targeted traffic to my site, resulting in high quality leads. What a difference!"

Steven Silverman
Principal, Tampa Commercial Real Estate

“Ron, I want to thank you for your guidance. I learned a lot and was able to take that to the meeting with me. It was a unique opportunity and I feel that if anything I was able to learn and grow from the experience. Thanks again and I really love your core message!!”

Katie Geiser
Founder of SquareOne Marketing and design agency

"A great business idea needs more than just a great business plan, you need direction. Part of that direction should come from a place of experience, and thankfully a friend recommended Ron to us for that sage advice. With his guidance we found ourselves prepared for some of the pitfalls and challenges that young businesses usually have to learn for themselves, the hard way. Ron is the perfect choice for large and small businesses, because he's been there and can predict what mistakes you're going to make before you make them! I would recommend Ron Stein to any company."

Chuck Palm
President, Internet Podcasting Network

"Your FastPath Marketing Process really made us zero in on the types of businesses we serve very well. Knowing this allows us to utilize the dollars we spend on our marketing effectively and efficiently. Targeting the right market with the right message lets us invest marketing dollars with confidence."

Mike & Lynn Farrell
Owners of Malvern Group Cartridge Services

"Ron is relentlessly positive and shows the same team commitment as any NFL coach. Years of Chief Revenue Officer experience have imbued him with the creativity and agility to always find a win-win solution. The highest compliment we could pay Ron is an invitation to our board of directors, and I hope he will continue to lend myBike his strategic acumen through to our inevitable IPO!"

Andrew Blikken

"When I started a business that represented multiple companies and technologies I was constantly struggling in ways to differentiate my message and find new prospects. Ron provided me with marketing strategies that brought focus to my business and increased sales. Ron's approach is practical and was simple to implement. He has given me a better understanding of the marketing process and the various methods that can be used. I am currently starting a new venture and Ron is again helping me start the business down the right road …. the profitable road!"

Jim Bronson
Bronson and Associates

"Ron Stein is an executive with a passion for the business of technology and selling innovative solutions. He is highly regarded by colleagues and customers alike. His background combines an understanding of the customer's perspective, market dynamics, and the operational realities of running a company. His experience ranges from early stage through growth company environments."

Rich Falcone
President and CEO, Market Insight Corporation

"Ron's presentation on the 9 Steps to Transform Your Business was very informative and helpful. He touched on the basics of developing a marketing plan for a sustainable business and provided the attendees with the necessary tools to begin the transformation process. Each step he discussed was easy to understand but comprehensive at the same time. I cannot wait to hear what he says at the next presentation!"

Tracey Swartz
USF CONNECT - University of South Florida Technology Incubator

"Ron is a strong leader and a creative thinker. I've worked with Ron and seen him in action in a variety of business situations. He's a team builder and leader with a good eye for talent. I can't think of a better person to lead an organization or to have on an important sales call."

Mark Housman
VP Sales, RAD Data Communications

"Few people possess the amount of passion and practical business knowledge that Ron has. Based on his many years of experience, Ron's business coaching and mentoring gave me the guidance that I needed and helped me put all of the pieces together."

Rachel Mishner
DentalPlans.com, Account Executive

"Ron has many leadership strengths. He is a hands-on executive, an innovative thinker, and knows how to build and motivate a team. The vast experience Ron has in all aspects of business and technology combined with his deep belief in our company and its people, made for a positive and driven work environment. Under Ron's direction we accomplished the impossible and met our targets, without the proper funding, because of the trust he created, his hard work, and his ability to keep us constantly moving forward."

Ami Hazani
VP Research & Development, SercoNet, Israel

"Ron is an honest and responsible person whose character and integrity are above reproach. His leadership skills are crafted for top management. His savvy for developing and managing crucial relationships and for growing a business has been a model for emulation for those who know him."

Phil Kyees
President, Group360

"Ron Stein is a class act and earns huge respect from whoever he works with. I've had the pleasure of working with Ron as his customer and him as my customer . . . A hard act to follow."

Nick Thomas
VP of Sales, Cloudmark

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