Trusted Partners You Can Trust Too

Your trust means everything to me. The criteria used to recommend another business to you are simple: I personally know them and have worked with these companies as partners; the quality of work and customer service is excellent; they offer a great value; and, I trust them. 

I recommend these partners to my clients and you too. I don't ever recommend others lightly. Check them out and see how these businesses will help you and then decide for yourself.

Fox Tale Communications is a consultancy on a mission to help businesses and individuals get their social media going in the right direction. 

Gila Fox, the Chief Explainer at Fox Tale, will help you make the most of your social networking, in a way that makes sense for the way you work and benefits your business.

Fox Tale offers customized social media strategy, management, monitoring, publishing, and reporting so businesses can see real results. Please visit Gila at the Fox Tale website to learn more.

The team at Ocoos has done something incredible for small businesses – they have created a website building platform that is easy to use, powerful, and very affordable. Plus, they are truly focused on the success of their small businesses customers and bend over backwards with great support.

Ocoos stands out among the others in this space with a complete solution that’s perfect for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are just getting started and need a professional web presence. Their all-in-one web publishing platform doesn’t compromise on features either. Ocoos has integrated e-commerce, customer management, online scheduling, sales tracking, search engine optimization, analytics, and much more. 

Although the do-it-yourself design will have a business up and running in less than an hour, they have a concierge level service that will set up and manage your website for an additional $10 a month. Please check out the Ocoos website and their thirty-day free trial offer. Also, I’ve written a more detailed review here.

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