The More Customers Program

A 6-Week Program For Creating a Flood of New Business

In the FastPath to More Customers program you get much more than just concepts. You’ll master small business strategies, tactics, and tools that will help you stand out from competition, get the attention of prospects, and close more sales.

Each week you’ll learn different ways to market your business to drive more sales with less stress. These are simple, repeatable strategies that will explode your revenue. In each session you’ll receive one-on-one help to you apply and tailor these principles to your business.

By the end of the six-week program you’ll have:

  • Specific strategies and an action plan created specifically for your business.
  • A finely tuned marketing message.
  • The ability to quickly get the attention and interest of prospects through your written materials, website, one-on-one communications, and group presentations.
  • A toolbox filled with useful marketing tactics and practical ideas.
  • More confidence in your marketing and selling activities.
  • Increased activity from qualified leads and close more sales.

Actionable Steps, Focused Guidance, and Real Progress

The FastPath to More Customers program is built around five powerful steps for small business. Put these steps into action and you’ll change the way you do business:

  1. Step 1: Zero in on who your best customers are with market and competitive intelligence, and of course analysis. In this step you’ll master practical and easy ways to gather information and identify your perfect prospect, based on your ideal customer characteristics. Once there is clarity about exactly who you want to target as a customer, you’ll locate more people and companies like them - not wasting time on unqualified prospects.
  2. Step 2: There are distinct stages to your interactions with prospects and customers - the FastPath Customer Cycle. This step presents the framework of how customers move from initial contact to revenue, and are retained. You’ll learn how to identify where prospects are in the marketing and sales cycle and the best strategies for each stage. The needs of your target audience, at each stage, are the reason behind every action you take – these are the "rules" of the game.
  3. Step 3: Your Core Marketing Messageis the most important marketing tool you can have. In this step you’ll differentiate your clear advantage and develop a message that will communicate your company’s value. You’ll learn the four critical elements your marketing message needs to have and how to use these in the correct order – verbally as well as in your sales literature and website – all focused on the value you bring to your ideal customer.
  4. Step 4: Conversations you have with prospects via your website, through written material, and in person have a rhythm and flow; questioning, listening, and talking. Like all good relationships, it doesn’t happen by accident. We’ll go through the stages of these conversations and prepare for different situations, always keeping in mind that your prospect has a need or goal to achieve. You’ll also learn how to develop information tools based on your marketing message, including an executive summary, using the eight elements of Your Marketing Voice, which communicates the benefits of your product or service.
  5. Step 5: Here’s where we’ll develop your strategies and action plan. You’ll focus on the stage of the FastPath Customer Cycle that you need the most help with. There are dozens of possible strategies and tactics; we’ll review the best strategies and the tactics that make most sense for your business. The plan you develop during the program will include the details of all the necessary action steps. All you have to do for success is implement the plan you develop during the program!

The FastPath to More Customers program is based on practical and concrete steps for getting the attention of new prospects with your marketing message, getting them to buy, and keeping them coming back for more of what you have.

If you are willing to invest six weeks of your time for your company’s future success, then this is for you.

The program includes 6 sessions of 75 minutes each by telephone, the FastPath To More Customers Tune-up™(marketing audit and assessment), a workbook jammed with practical small business information, and lots of guidance on your message, strategies, information tools, and action plan.

Learn how to transform your marketing to create a flood of new business with the FastPath to More Customers program. You'll stand out from your competition, get the attention of prospects, and close more sales.

Individual and Groups Sessions Are Available - Call For Details

Find out how the FastPath to More Customers program can help you achieve your business goals by calling +1 727-398-1855 or using the contact form today, to schedule a no obligation strategy session.

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