How to Sell More Products By Connecting With Your Audience

The heart of a go-to-market strategy is centered on how to sell more products. It’s all about qualified lead generation and turning these prospects into loyal customers - who you connect with and how you do it. This is the action element of your overall marketing strategy.

Some people think that marketing drives potential customers to your door. Then the sales force takes over at that point, filling the sales funnel and working it hard until the best prospects fall out at the bottom.

But does it seem like that even when the funnel is full, not enough prospects close? Everyone did their job. Marketing rolled out brochures, banner ads, a couple of white papers, sent out lots of email and maybe a few newsletters. Sales called the leads, gave presentations, took prospects out to lunch, and whipped out proposals.

Somehow it isn't enough. What's going on?

My Lesson in How to Sell More Products

In my first selling job, all I worried about was my sales funnel. Working for a multibillion dollar electronics giant meant that we needed to constantly keep the pipeline filled. My boss didn't seem to care how I did it, only that it was filled and I was moving prospects through to closing.

I quickly discovered that those of us on the frontlines received little real help from marketing. Sure we had lots of wonderful glossy brochures, but forget about any kind of truly targeted lead generation or help in the field. When a new product was announced, we received little advanced notice or guidance on benefits and positioning.

It was all up to me – to find prospects, track my leads through the sales funnel, pull in support and line up expert resources when needed. And of course, close the deals. Oh, did I mention that keeping customers happy after the sale was my responsibility too.

I became a one-man sales and marketing machine doing my own qualified lead generation. It was hard work but I was successful. Talk about trial by fire!

The Secret of How to Sell More Products

This shaped my thinking early on about selling. It became clear that marketing must focus on making the sales process easier by addressing the needs of both customers and frontline sales people.

To effectively do this, sales and marketing have to be on the same page. That makes sales and marketing partners. Also shift marketing's focus to business building and driving revenue. This is the secret of how to sell more products.

It just makes a ton of sense to have sales and marketing collaborate before, during and even after the sales process. The result will always be on revenue generating actions.

Here's four reasons why it's important that sales and marketing act as a team:

  • When your marketing sends the right messages, then your sales funnel will be jammed with very qualified prospects. And if your brochures and other marketing materials are specific to the issues of your ideal customer profile, instead of generic nonsense, that's smart targeted lead generation;
  • By knowing the sales cycle inside and out, tactics can be developed ahead of time by the sales and marketing team to help prospects flow through the funnel faster towards closing;
  • Great questions are the hallmark of great salesmanship. Knowing what questions to ask will help you discover real objections, emotional pain points, timing issues, and what other stakeholders are involved;
  • Credibility is built based on knowledge and education. Demonstrate deep understanding of the prospect's industry and issues. Bring them up to speed on new methods and techniques. And of course educate them on the benefits and value you give them, helping to solve their problems. This makes you the go to expert they will come to rely on.

Only by having sales and marketing in alignment will this happen. Make sure that they are in sync and agree on and develop strategies and tactics together. This is how to sell more products.

Check out my article in Why Your Frontline Sales Must Include Marketing for more on why marketing needs to be an essential part of the sales process.

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