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Do you have effective marketing strategies? Is it possible to get practical small business marketing help that delivers powerful revenue-boosting strategies and techniques – and is easy to put into action?

FastPath Marketing is known for its hands-on approach with proven strategies, tactics, and tools that will make your marketing work more effectively. You'll increase revenue and get more out of your sales and marketing dollars.

If you'd like to get better results from your marketing, then it's time to work with FastPath Marketing. You'll get lots of no-nonsense "how-to" advice and actionable ideas in all of our programs, workshops, and presentations. From effective marketing strategies and action plans to low cost lead generation to the best business plans for small business, each season is loaded with valuable nuts-and-bolts information that will increase your customers and sales.

Programs, Coaching, Workshops, and Presentations

If you're tired of wasting time on strategies and activities that don't deliver revenue, you'll benefit from attending a FastPath Marketing program or presentation.

FastPath Marketing founder Ron Stein fixes revenue problems by teaching businesses to how to make their marketing sell. He works with clients and program participants to help them master strategies and techniques that establish their company as the expert in their market and differences them from the competition.

With experience ranging from a territory salesman to VP of marketing and then CEO, Ron is a small business advisor that you can count on for practical action steps that will quickly result in you getting get more customers faster.

You'll profit from having a marketing, sales, and business development expert as your personal guide, giving you the small business marketing help and the effective marketing strategies you need.

The FastPath to More Customers Now!™ Program

This 6-week program will accelerate your company's revenue growth with a simple step-by-step plan of marketing strategies and tactics that will attract more customers.

Each week you'll learn different ways to market your business and drive more sales with less stress, using the five steps of the program – the FastPath Five. These are based on the five key areas of marketing:

  • Target market and audience.
  • The customer marketing and sales cycle
  • Core marketing message.
  • Communications, conversations, and information tools.
  • Strategies and action plan.

In each session you'll receive one-on-one help customized to your business and master effective marketing strategies. By the end of the program you'll know exactly who your best prospects are, have a finely tuned marketing message, and specific strategies and an action plan tailored specifically to your company.

Increased activity from qualified leads, more customers, and increased revenue will quickly follow.

This program is for individuals and small groups, by phone or in person. Please visit the FastPath to More Customers Now! Program page for more details.

The FastPath Marketing Tune-up™

The only one way to really know if your marketing is working is to evaluate what you are currently doing. When you identify what's working and what's not, you can fine-tune your strategy and zero in on the two or thee critical activities that make the most sense.

When you do, you'll generate more qualified leads, boost revenues, shorten the sales cycle, and improve customer retention. The FastPath To More Customers Tune-up is a detailed examination of your current marketing strategy, action plan, and tools – with recommendations that will help you achieve you goals faster.

The FastPath To More Customers Tune-up report will let you know exactly how you're doing and provide recommendations as to which top marketing priorities you should focus on and where immediate improvements can be made. Included is a review of your website and key marketing material as well as a 50-minute coaching telephone call to review the report and answer all of your questions about what are the best effective marketing strategies for you to consider.

Please visit the FastPath To More Customers Tune-up page for more details.

Coaching and Mentoring

Are you stuck and not sure what's needed to get your company to the next level?

Successful business owners have three things in common: They set goals, understand what's standing in their way to meet those goals, and have a plan to overcome their challenges – getting them the results they want.

FastPath Marketing will help you blast through the roadblocks and stay on track. You'll get the help you need to cut through the issues, keep you focused on your mission, and produce results. You'll also gain powerful insights and learn practical strategies to promote and separate your business from the competition.

Please contact Ron at +1 727-398-1855 or by email for more details.

Speaking Engagements, Presentations, and Workshops

Ron is available to speak to you team on a variety of topics including How To Market Your Company Like a Rock Star, Make Your Sales Soar Without Selling, How To Crush Your Competition, and Keys to Successful Business Plans for Small Business.

Talks run 30 to 90 minutes in length and workshops are from a half day or more depending on your requirements.

Please contact Ron at +1 727-398-1855 or by email for more details.

Contact FastPath Marketing Today

FastPath Marketing works with small business owners, senior-level managers, and entrepreneurs who want to kick their marketing and sales into high gear.

Everything focuses on achieving lasting results, with increasing your revenue as the number #1 goal – to help you succeed in highly competitive markets with effective strategies, actionable plans, and high performance techniques.

FastPath Marketing is your proven small business advisor and will help you transform your marketing and selling efforts to get the results you want. 

FastPath To More Customers Marketing Tune-up™ 
The Marketing Tune-up is a detailed assessment of your marketing strategy, action plan, and tools – with concrete recommendations, designed to help you make your marketing do the selling for you.

The FastPath To More Customers Now! Program™  
During this 6 week program you'll go through the 5 critical areas of marketing and master revenue-boosting steps for winning new customers. Your company will stand out from competition and close more sales. This program is for individuals and small groups.

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