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Business differentiation is key in today's highly competitive world. The core marketing message formula below lays out all the elements for a great message. But before jumping into it, make sure you answer the six questions in the Checklist For Differentiation and Positioning Success article to get you thinking about your unique selling proposition.

There are rules for everything, including differentiation rules. To begin with, a focused message:

  • Tells your customer what your company will deliver to them and the results they can expect to see, because of that value delivered.
  • Underscores the uniqueness you offer.
  • Can be expressed simply, and clearly.
  • Has as few words as possible.
  • Can be stated by everyone in your company without thinking about it – including the person who answers the phone!

A strong value proposition allows you to quickly set yourself apart from all competitors; it doesn't allow you to be lost in a sea of seemingly similar offerings; it makes customers see the WOW without any effort; and it is your elevator pitch.

Of course, a differentiation strategy should be part of the fabric of your product and service from your first day of operations. This all adds up to your business differentiation and unique selling proposition.

If you had just a paragraph in with which to describe why people should buy your company's products or service, what would you say?

The SUDS Messaging Formula

By now you have gotten the brain trust of you company together and asked all the important questions. Good, let's use the SUDS method to outline the elements needed for a great value proposition.

Simply substitute your 'answers' for S-U-D-S: We are the only S that solves U in unique way D, helping our customers S

'S' is the market segment or category you have chosen to own. Focus is important, as you can't be all things to all people. Besides, it is important to be crystal clear as to what sandbox you are playing in.

'U' is the unmet need of your target audience. This is your target customer's pain points. If you set out to solve the needs of your customers, your business will naturally evolve into a valuable entity;

'D' is the differentiated outcome, advantage, or key positive distinction you have over your competition;

'S' a story, the proof, that demonstrates what your customers can expect in dollars saved, revenue increased, or time advantages. Financial metrics that are in the language of your target audience's industry are best.

The SUDS method will help you nail your value proposition and core messaging statement – the heart of your business differentiation strategy. Ignore it at your own risk!

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