Having 101 Marketing Strategies is Not Enough For Success

Move From Planning to Action Marketing With These 7 Rules

Action Start

Wouldn't if be great if you had a list of 101 marketing strategies? Imagine that it has everything from low cost lead generation tips and how to conduct free market research, to event planning ideas and lots of ways to drive more sales.

Some of us just want to jump in and start selling now while others want to put together the perfect strategic plan. My advice is don't spend too much time planning – get going!

What? Notice I didn't say anything about not planning. Just realize that the market and your potential customers will not wait for you. This is not what business schools teach about the definition of strategic planning. But, the right balance is needed.

Time Is Money. Stop Talking. Go-To-Market.

A professor at a respected college of business once told me that my guidance to his group of graduate students forgot to include the need for a business plan of at least 50 pages.

I was a guest lecturer talking about the real world of business. When he said that, I wondered if he made money writing long-winded plans that were not very practical. I went on to tell the class that if they remembered nothing else, the following “rules” would serve them well during their careers:

You've asked your market about their pain points, developed a defensible business model, feel that you have a culture of constantly adding value, and have a focused go to market vision. Then you don't need checklist of 101 marketing strategies - just have the one or two strategies and an action plan with a handful of tactics and time table. It's time to get going!

It's easy convince ourselves that our product or service needs a little more of this or that, otherwise the target audience will not buy because it's not perfect. When uncertainty and indecision start to creep into you head, find a way to move forward.

The founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, entered the market with a tiny fraction of the functionality that they have today. Imagine what might have happened if they waited to launch until they were 100% ready. One thing is for sure - they didn't have or need 101 marketing strategies.

What's Ahead

In the various articles that make up the "Action Marketing" section of The Marketing Strategies Guide I cover a wide range of topics. I'll share lots of stories, and tell you why there was success or failure. And of course there will be lots of practical ideas you can use for promotion options, low cost lead generation, free market research, and event planning. You may just find 101 marketing strategies too, but please don't try to use them all!

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