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If you're struggling to generate leads and win new customers, you need to sell without "selling". How? Make your marketing do all the heavy lifting. When you do, you'll generate more leads and get more customers.

Whether you're a small business owner, executive, or entrepreneur in high tech, the professional services sector, or manufacturing - you need to consistently attract new customers to succeed.

FastPath Marketing offers proven strategies and practical sales techniques for catching the attention of new customers, getting them to buy, and keeping them coming back for more - without the hype and no cold calling.

The FastPath to More Customers™ Program is a simple yet powerful system designed to specifically help entrepreneurs and small business owners generate a steady revenue stream. Also available are services including help with business communication articles, business plans, negotiation tactics, and global marketing strategies.

A Blueprint for Creating a Flood of New Business

I'm Ron Stein, founder of FastPath Marketing and creator of the FastPath to More Customers™ Program. I've worked with companies, from start-ups to large enterprises, for over twenty years with a focus on one goal: increasing sales.

Of course this can be easier said than done. It requires an understanding of your ideal customer, solid marketing strategies, and a message that hits the mark. Then techniques and tools that you can use to grab the attention of prospects and move them through the marketing, sales, and retention cycle.

Learn New Ways To Market and Sell

I started my business career as a salesman. Early on I learned that no one knew my customers, territory, and their problems better than me – not even the marketers that supported me. This forced me to develop my own highly successful approach to marketing along with techniques and tools that win business.

More importantly, I realized that in order for marketing to work well, there must an understanding of the entire marketing and selling process. That led me to develop the FastPath Customer Cycle and the techniques I now teach.

If you are tired of wasting time on activities that result in peaks and valleys of revenue flow, why not start attracting new customers with practical strategies and plans that work?

Each article in The Marketing Strategies Guide is action focused on useful how-to ideas and tactics that work. You'll learn simple but powerful techniques to easily and dramatically increase your customer base and grow your revenue – with no cold calling or hard sell.

Topics include marketing strategy planning, multichannel emarketing, low cost lead generation, tips for better customer service, and how to write great business communication articles.

This Site Will Help You Sell

Everything you and your team do in your business needs to be based on one simple question: "will this really lead to revenue?" Each article in the The Marketing Strategies Guide is action focused with useful how-to advice ideas that will work for you. Here's a sampling of what is covered:

  • Determine what your customers want before launching new products
  • Position your company to win more business
  • Clearly express your message and the value your customers receive
  • Scripts you can use for marketing and sales conversations
  • Discover ways to conduct free market research
  • How to find and effectively reach out to prospects
  • Using a conference planning checklist to increase sales
  • Follow-up and negotiation tactics that work
  • Developing marketing strategies
  • How to plan and give better presentations
  • The best way to target business communication articles
  • Why delivering the best customer experience increases sales
  • How your business will benefit from global marketing strategies
  • How to plan a great promotion and marketing communications

No-nonsense 'How To' Information to Grow Your Revenue

The FastPath Marketing mission is to give you useful guidance and actionable ideas, NOT untried concepts. You'll get valuable tips and solutions that you can use every day to build an efficient and high performance company that drives revenue growth. And learn business leadership coaching skills that will help you build a strong team.

This website and the FastPath to More Customers Program were developed to share with you many years of professional experience in marketing, selling, and business development. The information on this website is free to use because I enjoy coaching and helping people.

FastPath Marketing offers assistance for budgets of all sizes including customized marketing solutions, group and individual programs, and teleseminars. My business experience includes all aspects of marketing, sales and revenue generation, from territory salesman to CEO and technology business consulting.

As a result, you'll benefit with a customized plan and by learning practical ways to close more sales and grow your bottom line – with the support to get you there. 94% of all business failures occur when a system is not followed. Using time-tested systems can give you a tremendous advantage. Please contact me today to discuss how I help you get the results you want.

Marketing is all about building sales success and enjoying the ride – get ready for an incredible journey! 


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The Rapid Impact Marketing & Selling Playbook: The Playbook will teach you how to lay a solid marketing foundation using the FastPath To More Customers framework. You’ll learn the best strategies and techniques for reaching new prospects, how to get them to buy, and keep them coming back for more.

The Marketing Strategies Guide Blog:  Stay current on new article postings along with commentary and analysis on emerging business trends and events.

Marketing & Sales Articles:  Explore all the great articles on the the Marketing Strategies Guide website.

Time is Money. Stop Talking. Go-To-Market:  7 rules that will move you to an action marketing plan.

How Well Do You Know Your Customers and What They Really Need?:  Amazing things happen when you truly know your customer base and how they measure success. You will develop better solutions to their problems and understand how to sell them.

Build a Powerful Value Proposition Into Your Story:  What's your value proposition? You may be surprised how hard it is to answer this. Hint: Product differentiation is just part of the picture.

Your Checklist For Differentiation and Positioning Success6 Questions You Need to Answer to Create a Dazzling Differentiation and Positioning Message

Customized Marketing Solutions, Business Coaching, and Workshops:  Professional selling and marketing help that will kick your revenue into high gear and crush your competition.

The FastPath to More Customers Now! program is a simple step-by-step plan of marketing strategies and sales tactics that will help you stand out from competition, get the attention of prospects, and close more sales.

About FastPath Marketing:  Meet Ron Stein – sales, marketing, and business development expert.

Send your comments or schedule a complimentary coaching call and discuss how my customized marketing solutions can help transform your marketing and selling efforts to get the results you want.

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